Saturday, October 07, 2006

Fektyur Fektyur!!!

A friend of mine once told me that an emotional crossroad appears when a guy reaches his mid 30s. I I think i am in that phase right now. After 10 years of law practice, I want to do something different with my life. Something totally opposite to what i consider an "uncreative"profession. I am reminded of what Richard Gere's Pretty Woman character said about "not building anything". That made him to change his ways and started building something even if he has to do this with his rival. How I wish I can walk barefoot on grass just like what Richard did in one scene.What a liberating feeling! Unshackled from pressures of expectations and the cut throat competition to the top. Hmmm..the film also reminded me that the real villain in that film is a stout bald and good for nothing lawyer!!!

I am always the creative type- I want to carve something out of boring situations. This is a no-no for lawyers. We cannot be magicians....although a lot of our kind has succeeded handsomely. One morning i woke up and decided to pursue photography!! This thought hit me so fast that I was instantly convinced to search the internet for a second hand digital camera (I already have a film camera which has a year old film inside it!!!). At first, i thought i was a fruitless pursuit as I do not have enough budget to purchase even a decent camera. Luck struck when i come across a seller in one of the popular photography online forums . He was selling his camera half the price of the most basic dslrs. Darn that was a confirmation!!! My next step is entails a miracle -forcing water out of the stone - eeking a gadget budget from my wife. Hehehehe. Well, maybe my asking her to accompany me to a camera store has conditioned her to the thought that brand new cameras are way beyond our "garbo" budget. Telling her that I will be satisfied with a "pre-owned" camera half the price of a new one is a fair bargain. After reassuring my wife, I have conquered Bataan!! Thank God giving me a wife who also is  supportive of my creative vice!!!! (sipsip!).I was excited to purchase my first DSLR - a second hand..err..pre-owned Canon EOS 300D. I read somewhere that it boast of a respectable 6.3 megapixel CMOS to which I was reassured by somebody this is a few pixels difference from the brand new ones having 8 megapixel DSLR is no big deal. Well, thats a difference of 1,700,000 pixels put into trust. But with my budget, i could not ask for anything more. Actually, it did not bother me as I was just excited to test my new second hand camera. For days to follow, I was in a shooting rampage - I shooting anything that moves. Would you beleive I also enrolled myself in Jo Avila's Basic Photography class. I'm totally bitten by the photography bug!! Soon, the 50mm lens followed and the Photoline bag that cost me 450 pesos! Now that i am in a mad streak for photography i am not minding where this direction will take me.Shoot shoot and shoot until the camera's batteries run dry!!!



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