Saturday, October 07, 2006

I did not Shoot the Don!

I got the adventure juice from my parents.  My late father is the real Dr. Indiana Jones, a perfect posterboy for the Boys Scouts.  My mother is  actually Amelia Earheart - a superwoman who is able to go through any myriad of trials yet able to come back in one piece.  Somehow their passion for trailblazing new frontiers has found its way to my veins. Their superpower genes have transformed me into a "super adventurer lawyer" who finds joy in accompanying my clients to mining sites and far flung towns for some legal action.  Mine sites? Far flung towns? Well, yes. Lawyering for me is boring if confined in an airconditioned office and pounding computer keyboards no end. So when my client told me to inspect mining lands in Negros Occidental, it is never hard to say no. Even if it takes taking off my Kenneth Coles midway in a muddy sugarcane field and hike through sharp and pointy rocks trail at mid-day. A valuable incentive  in all my ragtag out of town adventures is all beautiful sceneries along the way. Enchanting places and experiences that no amount of attorney's fees can match (Well..maybe a cool  Php 100 Million and a BMW  X-5...nahhh).

One of these places is the dreamy mountain town of Don Salvador in Central Negros Island. Located halfway between Murcia and Juleslandia (San Carlos City), this is one strip that will make Madame Assunta fall in love all over again. Don Salvador rivals picturesque Baguio City with its cool weather, rows of pine trees and unspoiled mountain sides. Unlike Baguio's balding and polluted landscape, Don Salvador's is pristine and majestic. It has even a viewing area which gives one a view of  an engaging waterfalls that seems to drip out of the mountain side. As I was in a hurry to meet with the Mayor of Calatrava, I decided to proceed first to my appointment and shoot the scenery on the way back.  BIG mistake....Why a big mistake? Well my DSLR conked out. On the way back, somewhere between the water falls and San Carlos City is a weird looking sight that does not fail in getting any commuter's attention. A weird looking tree which stands on the middle of the highway. This tree is very special that the road constructors must have intentionally spared it - not cutting it down but designed the road to avoid it - making it an island in the process. I immediately told our driver to stop so I can take a picture. Before manong driver can blurt an objection - there I go - the compulsive shooter rushing to the middle of the highway and aiming my DSLR at the tree. There bad luck struck...the shutter wont just fire!!!! I just stood there puzzled. I went back to the car empty handed and  frustrated. Back in the car, manong driver was about to give me scolding for pulling the stunt. But sensing that I am still the boss, all he can muster is a belated word of caution -: never dare to shoot a haunted tree on the middle of the road. Well, I am a fellow ilonggo so I know what he meant.

Mariit ang kahoy nga ina!

And so your camera suffered the worst fate -falling to a sort of magic spell which twisted its springs mirrors and circuit boards. It just gave up when I still have a number of scenes to shoot on the way back to Bacolod. I refused to believe the mariit story but who really nows? Looking back that was my first costly lesson in photography.....tsk tsk tsk.


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