Sunday, October 08, 2006

Riding in Cars with the Big Boys

One of the perks of being a lawyer is to be driven by client aboard their luxury vehicles to appointments. In my case, I often ride with my clients - the so-called Big Boys. Adding to this wonderful experience is sitting at the backseat of their luxury cars- BMWs, Mercedezes, Porsches....or sitting on the front seat while your megabuck client does the driving chores..(tsk...tsk...tsk). Most of my clients think that the word "luxury" in luxury car equates to the pleasure of driving these sleek multi-million automobiles...unknown to them sitting on the more comfortable backseat is pure bliss. It is actually an industry secret that backseats of luxury cars are designed to relax the tired fat asses of corporate bosses and taipans. Big car manufacturers have spent billion of dollars seeing to it that passenger comfort is at its best. Design engineers always expect the boss to sit at the backseat just sipping champagne while his driver manuevers the car through horrendous traffic. Sometimes the temptation of imagining things while riding on the back seat is you are being driven by a multi-millionaire - so fantasies are endless. In my fantasy, I bark directions - where to turn or when to stop.. oh my very sweet revenge for the ton of work they give me.



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