Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Picture that Started it All.

I bit my lip as my classmates butchered this picture during the critique session of Ken Go's Photogprahy Lighting Class. I was more than convinced that it is destined for the shitter. It was my first ever fashion shoot and for an unfashionable guy like me, its like threading over a living hell. Imagine conceptualizing a glamour shoot which is galaxies away from my usual idea of a striking photograph. I don't even know how to let the model pose much more project before the camera. I am glad that my model Marguerethe was kind and patient. So there I was nervous and pressured while my classmates who are way above my capability -examined my every move.

I must admit I went home a very frustrated man . But I did not give up - instead "I went to the matress" as what Mobsters would say- rummaging through my wife's fashion magazines like crazy. Ken was right - after attending his class, one will never look at a photograph the same way again. I now study each photograph seeing all the hard work behind it- the time which took the make up artist to make sure that the model looked good, the set stylist who took pains in coming up with a perfect set, the photographer's assistant who suffered strained arms in raising those huge softboxes, the photographer who sweated out just to get that perfect shot, and yes...the photoshop artist who made sure that all imperfections have been taken cared of.

I don't know but when Ken emailed me a copy of this picture after he did some wonderful post production work on it - I could not believe that it is the same butchered picture I was once dreaded. Well, this maybe is my sign to do my best in this very addicting hobby. With photography, everything can be beautiful!



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