Wednesday, October 11, 2006

So you want to be a race car driver huh…..
(posted originally last July 23, 2005)

milo at the driver seat of my Honda Civic, 2005

(still at it after a year with the isuzu crosswind)

Someday you will see these photographs and wonder if it is a tell-tale sign that you are meant to become a race car driver.

I must tell you that your consistent ‘pestering” a.ka. requests to sit on the driver seat of “Daddy’s Cay” never fails to put a smile to my face. Every time you see leave the house with my keys in hand, you would rush and plead in your cutest way that I take you for a ride. You don’t always get what you want, son. I must admit that when ever I leave the house without you at the passenger’s seat, I feel a certain emptiness. How I wish you are always with me during my long drives. I can surely appreciate some quiet company. Hehehehe.

That’s strange, Milo. Whenever you are out of the car you are this “kiti-kiti” of a kid. But whenever you’re inside Daddy’s "Cay"…you are in your most behave mode. As if your ever ready batteries were quickly drained out. You would just sit down, quietly peek out and appreciate the other cars on the road–occasionally letting go your usual admiration for the four wheeled wonder.

You are unlike your kuya Kobe. When he was your age, he is very talkative and would bedazzle me and your Mommy about the “ish” he saw along the Marikina Riverbank road. “Ish-ish!” (Fish yon) was your kuya’s tagline while yours - “Cay-Cay”.

I know someday you will read these corny lines by your Daddy and may not remember the days when you were a little boy obsessed with cars. But I will never forget these memories. It will be always in my mind.

You have a long road to go, my eager little driver….Whatever God has planned for you, I have a feeling that these wonderful times of your childhood is tell-tale sign of the good things to come.



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