Sunday, October 08, 2006

To First Born Sons

The first step, my son, which one makes in the world, is the one on which depends the rest of our days.


I am a first born son…so is my grandfather Beato, the learned; uncle Arthur, the just and nephew Kibboi, the wise. 

It took me until the birth of my own first born child to realize how well loved a first born son is. When Jakob was born, he was an extraordinary sight –a beautiful miracle that makes me thankful to God over anything else. I can clearly remember the first time I laid my eyes on his beautiful face and hold his fragile body close to my heart –feeling each soft heart beat. I also could remember how proud I am to present Jakob to my father Alois and tell him how my son has emulated his grandfather’s boyish charm. Yet my father died without telling him that my first son is named in his honor - after the Biblical character who was considered "Father of Israel" . I really did not want to swell my father’s ego but for me, my father Alois is the "Jakob" or the good father who inspired me throughout the years.

When I look at Jakob, I can go back to my childhood and remember how happy it was. Although that happiness is punctuated by several trials and ups and downs…after weighing them all together I realize that it is still a childhood one could wish for and maybe hope to return to. I smile every time I lecture on my son as I remember how my father has disciplined me. He was always telling me that as the first born child, I have to be an example to my siblings. He echoes what Lola Susing would tell him that losing one first born will be to lose the rest of the siblings. So I learned well from my father’s good advice. I can see that my siblings now have become good individuals because I always followed my father’s command be an example to them.

First born sons are valuable. They mirror the rest of the pack. As a father to two handsome boys, I could lose all riches knowledge and experiences that I have accumulated through years of hard work over my sons- especially for my first born Jakob. Nothing comes close as valuable to him and his brother.

First born sons lead the pack.



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