Saturday, November 25, 2006

A day at the "other Shooting Range"

For two days i had been shooting. I know when i say this most of my friends would think that i have emptied several clips of 9mm bullets at the gun range and my wife have scolded me again for burning money. But they can all sigh in relief. I was in "the other shooting range".

Thanks to my cousin Ces Carpio-Laigo of Elan Models, i was given a break to shoot her stunning fashion models. I am joined by my photographer friends who thankfully are patient enough to believe in my plans. It was actually painstakingly frustrating as we were shooting cripple. We do not have a decent studio, regular makeup artist and stylist. Ces who arrived midway during the shoot brought us to fashion school with her magnificent advice on model poses and pouts. Ces, youre the man...este woman pala!

Today, we shot at a very nice studio, DIP at the Astoria Suites. I was really a joy to experience the real fashion shooting work. We had two beautiful models - Nikki and Trixie. Nikki - oh my goodness..the girl is naturally bubbly and truly a sight to see. Trixie reminds me of Paulina Porizkova in her youth. Wow...i cant believe im quoting supermodels of the 80s when Ces and I were both in our diapers and entangled in our childish games in Iloilo City (Ces studied high school at my alma mater, Assumption Convent-Iloilo City). Now she is guiding us through the door of the fashion world. We owe you a lot, my fashionable cousin!



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