Monday, November 27, 2006

Welcome to my Office

In my line of work having a corner office with a big window is an affirmation of one's success. I had been to a few stunning law offices. I am always reminded of what my late father used to say: a nice big office along with a flashy car and perhaps a Rolex watch can give a lawyer "the edge." Clients cannot see through a lawyer's skull, so tangible manifestations of a successful legal practice are very important to leave an impression on the client.

For years I believe in it, but was not able to achieve having a nice law office. Office space in Manila is just too prohibitive for a solo practitioner like me. Yet I am lucky that most of my clients have provided office space and capable secretaries. Never the corner office (with a big window) of my dreams. As such i would often bring my work home - anyway i am connected to my clients and secretaries by phone, sms, fax and email (the blessings of the 21st century Lawyer).

Soon I realized that my companeros in corner offices with big windows would pay dearly to be in my shoes: working at home with all it perks. Fresh air, no traffic, my cute kids, lutong bahay, eat bulaga and longer zzzzzzz time.



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