Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Collection

When I was still studying i dreamed of coming up with a splendid collection of valuable things. May it be books, cassette tapes of my favorite bands, model airplanes...whew..i used to have this list "of what to buy and collect". Unfortunately it never got off ground. Maybe because i did not have enough money as a cash strapped kid.

Well, now that I am grown up (with small money to spare), I decided to collect something to cherish during my retirement -when I am old and gray...i hope to go through my collections and remember my youth...

As of this writing, I have started collecting various things:

21 original DVDs of my favorite movies (gladiator, black hawk down, saving private ryan, traffic) and still counting...

about 10 model aircrafts and ships

and around 20 action figures (well, I always justified this line as being bought for my kids, Kobe and Milo who are also going gaga about their superman and batman action figures). It is the only part of my collection which my wife conveniently buy for us...hehehe...her two little kids and overgrown baby!

6 US printed Movie Posters (Saving Private Ryan, The Last Samurai, X-Men 3, The Departed, Open Season and Superman the Return).

Once my audio system is finished, i'm planning to collect vinyls (which some say are better than audio cds).

whew..this is gonna be a big collection!


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