Saturday, December 16, 2006

Lolo Pedring, 82

While in law school, my brother and I are often asked if our father is a lawyer. Surely, one will wonder how come somebody could be so obsessed with the law profession that he sent two sons to law school at the same time. Most of the time we end up telling them that there are only four lawyers in our family. Our Lolo Maning and his younger brother Lolo Adong who passed the bar at the same time and became lawyers despite sheer poverty (Lolo Adong already passed away and used to be a legal counsel for GSIS). Two became judges - Lolo Pedring Icamina, a judge with the RTC Kalibo, Tito Arthur an MTC judge at New Washington. An in-law Tito Lolly has long sidelined his practice to pursue his first love- farming.

Lolo Pedring was at the forefront as he is a true litigator. Before being a judge, he has handled a variety of cases. He was also one of my father's trusted attorneys and handled most of his legal affairs. I remember going to his home office and met by sweet smelling tobacco. I think it was Lolo Pedring who gave me the first best impression of tobacco. Until now, I still believe that tobacco like my Lolo Beato's Old Spice after shave is not that bad.

As years go by, I seldom get to see Lolo Pedring. But then every time i go home to Kalibo for vacation, he would often come to Lola Susing's parties and gatherings. He always play the grand old man of the Icamina clan. Highly opinionated, fierce yet principled, Lolo Pedring finds it easy to stress a point through arguments. Well, nobody actually dared to butt in, he's the judge for pete's sake.

Lolo Pedring died yesterday after having been proclaimed dead by our relatives a day before. Some said that he was just waiting for his children to come home before he let go of his last breath. He has three children: Tito Bing with whom he has a grand daughter, Chrissy (a gifted writer and currently one of the editor of FHM Philippines); Tita Ching and Tita Pearl. Lolo Pedring's wife, Lola Diday passed away ahead of him and surely is waiting for her beloved in heaven.



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