Sunday, December 10, 2006

On being a Pro-Gun Believer

I came from an early morning shooting competition at the Shooting Range inside the Bilibid Compound in Muntinlupa City. Its my second time to shoot there. The range is quite respectable with separate areas for various shooter groups. Thick concrete walls separate us from probable crossfire. There were 10 of us who came that morning. We had lady shooters too with their cute glocks. The guys on the other hand are mostly .45 caliber shooters. The modified 1911 pistol is the weapon of choice. I just relied on my dependable glock 19c. Well, it was not the best to bring in the gun range...but what the heck it still earn me alpha marks. But to keep up with the competition, i borrowed Alex's (Cataquiz) modified 1911 which was really a very stable pistol. If not for the magazine malfunction (the bullet jammed during the speed match), i could have figured in the ranking. But then I finished with 6 alpha hits....for me thats already okay.

I really enjoy target shooting as I picked this fancy from my late father who is a deadshot with his 1911s. I grew up in a home environment where guns are customary part of the house. My father who is a serious gun enthusiast who took time to orient his children about gun safety. He emphasized that guns in the hands of clumsy persons is the worst threat. He believe that proper gun handling will prevent somebody from being a gung-ho shooter. And so me and my siblings were trained in shooting and maintaining guns. We even had a target range at our compound where we took turns in shooting .22 caliber rounds at tin cans. I also remember having a fully loaded M16 under my bed with cache of ammunition. Whew...thats was when my father was alive. And I am happy my siblings and I never figured in a shooting rampage. We remain cool shooters. ..As such we try to maintain the tradition and teach our kids gun safety and proper handling. Maybe it will be a family affair as my wife is okay with guns...lucky me...


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