Saturday, December 16, 2006

Probing through Thick Skull

I mentioned in my previous post what joy it is if clients (and the general public) get to see into the thick skulls of lawyers. If that could happen then there will be no need for lawyers to aspire for fame and Fortune(r). There will be no need to do ass kissing, white lies fabricating, and boot licking. Business will be able to cut down cost on expensive car loans that afford their lawyers to look good and presentable sans their brain power. More pauper litigants will be attended and the legal profession will genuinely be considered a noble profession.

Some people think that I have a lot of reasons to rant. But they are wrong. I was never oriented to be a flashy person, much more a show boat kind of a lawyer. I have no reason to buy a new set of clothes, an expensive car or a ritzy town house. I good to go with an ordinary life - maybe I grew up with modest luxury. Until i left for law school my brood lived in a gargantuan house similar to those owned by Colombian cartels, driven to school in different cars, and sent to the prestigious schools and the best law school in the country. But then our parents still taught us the value of hard work. They always tell us not to show off our advantages, its good just to be simple and under the radar. I remember a time when my brother Jun and I would duck every time our vehicle would enter our school during high school. There was also a time when we even ask our driver not to fetch us anymore and opted to join our classmates in their long walk home.

We were always taught: Good Education does not come cheap. My mom would always say : Kun maaeam eang sanda bukun it mabudlay intindihon nga ro minatuod nga manggaranon eang ro maka magpatuon it tatlong ka abogado ag tatlong ka doctor, sa Ateneo, Assumption ag UST! (if only are only wise, its not hard to understand that only a true rich man can have his 3 of his children study law and another 3 medicine at Ateneo, Assumption and UST).

Do the know how much is the tuition at Ateneo Law School and UST College of Medicine. Multiply that by 6!

That is why I really pity people who expects to see signs of affluence in me. They always expect it because that is normally expected from people who have accomplished too much. To avoid this predicament, I just retreat to the background and hope somebody develops super power capability of probing into a thick skull.



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