Sunday, January 14, 2007

Batman of the Future

Yes, my son Milo is Batman. Not Bath-man or Buttman….talagang Batman as in the Dark Knight.

This possible schizo tendency all started when his mom (whom he thinks is Wonder Woman) bought him and his Kuya Kobe super hero costumes. From the time Milo has donned his Batman suit (minus the Bat boots), he has never been the same. There are even times when I call him but he would not answer. Wondering why I was ignored by my usually dutiful son, I trace this communication difficulty to his newly found super hero status. Call him Batman and he will instantly answer you ‘Po….like a speeding bullet a wayward batmobile.

Milo is really serious about his Batman stuff like I was serious trying to emulate Helmut Newton or be the male version of Annie Leibowitz. I think we all get to be schizophrenic sometimes – although in light dosage. We always hope to be in some people’s shoes. We pretend and hope to be somebody famous or powerful even just for a brief period just to live out the fantasy. Sometimes it brings along the characteristics of our idols and these seeps into us unknowingly.

Milo for one is easy to discipline whenever I tell him that Batman is never the naughty boy. I told him that Batman is disciplined and respectful, always helpful towards people in need. As my wonder boy has followed his favorite superhero’s ways, I don’t mind if he lives out his fantasy once in a while. I know sooner he will outgrow it and look back how he has romp around in that ridiculous Batman outfit.


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