Friday, January 05, 2007

The First Niece

Gabrielle Rianna Aviles dela Cruz or simply "Gaby" or "Gabo" (as my siblings would jokingly call her) is our cute and cuddly niece. She's the leader of the upcoming dela cruz power ladies - to borrow our late father's fantastic description of the dela cruz first borns (Papa repeatedly praised my nephew Kibboi as the Leader of the Band when he was still the lone apo). For me, it is really an extraordinary feat for my brother Jun and his wife Joy to come up with a baby girl after Kibboi the little wise boy. Coming from a brood of 5 brothers and a sole jewel of a makes me wonder if i can strike lucky that my next child will be a bouncing baby girl.

Its always a joy to embrace this bubbly wonder. Gaby does not fail to excite me in coming to Iloilo although i haven't really showered her with presents a normal uncle would bring his favorite niece (hehehe..shes currently the only one..). Last New Year's eve, Gaby was just gem to watch. Her cute eyes and childish mettle have made her the instant hit at our traditional family new year's eve dinner. My mom seems not contented posing with her in one picture. They posed and posed and posed. Gaby in all the shots was unmindful of our admiration. But i kept a souvenir of that happy moment. A wayward bag of funny idea got into his uncle Arik who put on the helpless toddler a motorcycle goggle. Poor Gaby, she looked like those alien fighters. But she did not let go of it. She was enjoying the night too.



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