Friday, April 20, 2007

Andro the Photographer

I remember the first camera that I called my own was a Kodak Instamatic 110. It was given to me as a birthday present by favorite aunt Mama Eng. She told me that is the ultimate birthday - meaning I wont be getting anymore gift from her. That started my romance with the magical immortalizer called the camera. From that time on, I became the official photographer of my family - which basically means taking all those magic moments (and not being part of the lovely family picture!) and doing the dirty work of going to the mall and having the pictures developed. I did not have any problem with that. I enjoyed the job. Soon I graduated to the 35mm camera when my father no longer had the luxury of time to tinker with his cameras (My Dad is actually the photographer in the family - having four cameras at one time).

During my senior year at the university, I tried my luck in sharing to the whole world my rich experience in photography. I applied for the photographer's slot in our college's student publication. Darn! I failed. Not that I am a bad photographer, the top brass thought that I should be given  a higher position. Photography took the back seat and writing which is a actually a struggle for me -led the way. When I landed in law school, my camera clicking days went to hibernation for more than 15 years.

Just recently, I realized that I had missed photography a lot and wasted several good scenes - forever lost and never again captured the way i saw it. I have been traveling a lot mainly due to my work yet I just let all the sceneries pass me. I could not think of upper state New York and the Finger Lake without remorse. I was in Shanghai and marveled at its grandeur but I did not immortalized the sceneries on photo paper. Thank God, ace photographer George Tapan was part of our entourage and he snapped my souvenir pictures.

So I decided to put an end to a life without remembrance. I decided to get my first digital SLR camera. Without any budget to speak of, i surfed the internet for a pre-owned. There I found my first DSLR. I am jsut happy to return to my hobby once again. Never am i too busy to find time for the camera. I always carry it whenever I go. Even my clients already accepted the fact that I am a lawyer first...photographer second. So after our back breaking meetings, I head off for a sweet spot to shoot my pictures. Well, thats okay with them so far.

I also don't mind learning more. I scrapped several hearing schedules just to v.a. (volunteer assistant) for my mentor ace photographer Jo Avila. Heck I don't mind carrying those bulky Manfrottos or bask under the mid day sun to shoot a golf course. I want to learn more. 

I had been trying to shoot fashion photoography and help aspiring models with their photo portfolio. In the process I learned how to interact with them without having lewd thoughts. This is despite the sultry poses I ask the to do during the shoots. Time flies fast as the camera clicks and model poses.

Gee, i am an addict now...a photobug with no hesitations. I want to learn...I want to shoot more.



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