Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Chance for Change in Electoral Process

As you all know my mother ran for a councilor seat in her hometown, New Washington, Aklan. She won! In fact it is quite a feat for a neophyte who has no political experience to speak of and no campaign budget to utilize. All she got is her tagline of being a mother to 3 lawyers and 3 doctors. That spelled magic for her electoral bid as her contituents saw the sincere promise of our family to extend our combined helping hand.

But Mama has not entered the race without any credentials. First, she is hardworking President of the local private schools association. She is known to be very charismatic leader by her peers and subordinates. Second, my mother is a good manager of people having honed her skills as a bank manager for almost two decades and a head teacher for nearly five years. Lastly, her being a mother to 6 achievers has inspired a lot of folks.

Add to this my mother's family record in public service that is simply outstanding. Starting with my grandfather Pablo Carpio who was a weather man for the Philippine Weather Bureau during the pre-war years. He was an honest man and has raised his children to become professionals with his meager salary. My mother's eldest brother Arturo is a municipal trial court judge, a relatively lowly position compared to those occupied by his Ateneo Law School classmates in government service. Despite his qualifications, Judge Carpio has deliberately shunned high ranking positions as he does not want to leave New Washington.

No wonder Mama is a winner despite limitiations as to campaign funds and political history. The people of her town has seen something in her worthy to be trusted with a councilor seat. For me, Mama's victory is an overwhelming affirmation that not all who wins elections must have the 3 Gs....(guns goons and gold).



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