Friday, October 19, 2007

Josh Ko Dhay!!!

One thing I always wanted is to do is to make good my promises to my mom. So when I first saw the full page ad of the upcoming Josh Groban concert at the PICC, I did not hesitate to buy tickets - no matter what the cost!

Mama is head over heels in love with Josh Groban's songs. This is the other half of her magic formula in overcoming the pain of my dad's untimely passing (the other half being Arirang Korean Channel on cable TV). Frankly, I knew Josh Groban through her. My mom's persistent requests for Josh Groban concert DVDs and CDs sent me searching the nook and cranny of video stores. I found two videos actually - Josh's concert with David Foster and one at the Greek. My mom's obsession with the fair haired Californian musician has rubbed on my sister, Aiai and my brothers. Josh was just like one ravaging virus.....we all became Grobanites.

I was lucky to score two tickets for the SMART Infinity Gala concert. I did not mind the price (dont ask me how much..hehehe). I hurriedly called my mom who was in Kalibo and told her the good news. Next thing I knew she had her plane ticket booked. She was also excited! When the concert date arrived, my mom and I were early at concert venue. PICC was bursting with the crowd of Manila's finest (whos-who)who were in their sunday's best. Fortunately mom was appropriately dressed for the was also wearing jeans right?

I was so happy to see that Josh brought along his usual road musicians: the towering black guitarist Tariqh Akoni, the guy with the dozen instruments whose name I have now forgotten, drummer Craig Mcintire and of course, a slimmer and sexier (with bangs) half-Korean, half-Italian-all goddess Lucia Micarelli. I swear I was blown away by her rendition of "Kashmir" by Led Zeppelin. Pucha talaga sa galing ni Lucia! ang ganda, ang sexy...lahat na...hehehe!!! Take me with you, Lucia!!! (pardon my French!).

Seeing and hearing Josh sing "The Prayer" (with Lani Misalucha - who was equally impressive that evening),  "To Where you are", "Shes out of my Life' and  Alejate is a dream come true. Even the hoity-toity crowd (including Madame Imelda Marcos) threw caution to the wind and clapped their hands like crazy monkeys each time Josh sings a high note or ends a number. On the other hand,  Josh was also blown away by his Manila fans and could not help but comment that never seen people so mesmerized by his music.  It made him wild.  He ran across the stage and just popped out of no where to wow the crowd. There was powerful energy in the air!

My mom and I went home as very very happy and contented Josh Groban fans...till next time Josh...Hope to see you again...i hope and again in Grobanila...err...Manila!



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