Saturday, October 13, 2007

My Brother's Idol Second Coming....

I know my brother Jun will be very happy to see his basketball idol's comeback as commercial model. Samboy Lim, the PBA's Skywalker became Jun's idol when mine was the whole Purefoods squad (with Pido Jarencio, Jack Tanauan and Willie Generalao). It was in the late 80s when Papa brought us to Manila for our first PBA game. I can remember how happy I was (the same feeling when I went to see my First NBA game - the Los Angeles Clippers battled the Cleveland Cavaliers at the Staples Center in 2001). Before that it was all those wide page sports magazines and taped videos of PBA games from our suki betamax shop that fed our thirst for basketball action. It was not until the early 90s when Sugbahan Plaza along Delgado Street has started to show live NBA games via their giant parabolic satellite dish.

So when Jun and I set foot on Philsports Arena, we were like starry eyed kids left to run amuck inside a toy store. I remember how dark skinned David Thirdkill was. Jun has always idolized Samboy Lim and the San Miguel Beermen so he went crazy when he saw the Skywalker dunked over Dondon Ampalayo and Dante Gonzalgo of the Ginebra team. He did not care if Samboy Lim had his boyscout socks upped to his knees or the dozen times he was waylaid by injuries.

 I dont know if Jun still remember when we lined up for the SMB game in Iloilo and his wallet was snatched....He just disregarded it. He is just crazy over SMB and the Skywalker that he just wanted to see them live. For Jun, Samboy was the man....



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