Sunday, October 14, 2007

My Dream Car Come True

I don't know what really made me choose this mid-sized SUV. Maybe because a lot of young lawyers are driving it. Nah...maybe the sheer Honda engineering which is hard to disregard. Although the CRV is no economical car (a notorious 8km to a liter gas guzzler!), I was able to up my fuel consumption to 8.5kms per liter. Not bad....considering thats its an automatic. And my goodness - this little gremlin is fast!!! Look at how I was able to overtake a BMW X5 SUV (which happens to be my other "dream car"). Matagtag nga lang not like the Civic I used to own. But then its not as bumpy as my Isuzu Crosswind. Dito poging-pogi naman ang dating..hehehe



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