Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Bee Movie: Just another Lawyer Bashing Film
I watched "Bee Movie" with my kids expecting  that I had to drag my feet to the movie theater and sleep through out the movie. I was wrong. 

It was an enjoyable experience. What made me like the movie is how it bashes lawyers by calling them "blood sucking" vampires who just victimize poor litigants. The lawyer in the movie, Layton T. Montgomery (voice by John Goodman) is a very irritating and scheming character who does court room theatricals to a tee. However, the hardest blow to a lawyer's ego was delivered by a lowly mosquito, Mooseblood (voice by Chris Rock).  Just before the movie ends, Mooseblood had this bomb of a dialogue, "Yes, I am a lawyer. I am a blood sucker and all I need is a brief case" (or something like that).

The legal profession is severely bashed in movies that one will easily agree that Hollywood must have been  screwed hard by lawyers.   Through out the years, films consistently labelled lawyers as good for nothing characters. Who can forget the good for nothing lawyer-friend of Richard Gere's Pretty Woman or the coward of a lawyer who became dino snack in Jurassic Park.    My personal favorite  is Woody Harrelson's lawyer  (played well by Oliver Platt) in the movie, Indecent Proposal.   Just imagine somebody who can craft a contract which paved way for Robert Redford's character to spend one night with a married woman.  In the real world, hatred for lawyers as notorious fixers was confirmed when Johnny Cochranmoved heaven and earth to spare O.J. Simpson from what was supposed to be a sure guilty verdict.  

Yet, lawyers do not really care.   I think this sets us  apart from the  members of the medical profession who easily over react against media attacks.  Lawyers have not demanded for blood if one of their kind is butchered by some TV show like how Desperate Housewives sullied the image of the Filipino doctor.  Maybe this proves that lawyers are just naturally thick skinned.

After leaving the movie theater I really hoped that my kids have not noticed the lawyer bashing.  They might end up making jokes about my career. Whew! I'm lucky that the movie was really enjoyable that my kids were contented with tthe cartoons.



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