Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Dining at Cesar's Italy

We dined at Bellissimo restaurant which is rumored to be owned  by movie star Cesar Montano.  It was my wife's request as it was her birthday. After surveying the entire stretch of Morato Avenue, we found the restaurant because of its bright neon lights. The restaurant is a 2 storey old house which is not readily visible from the street.   You have to go through a driveway and into the casually designed Italian restaurant.   Inside the restaurant movie memorabilia confirms that it is indeed Cesar's place.   

The menu is  predominantly  Italian food and wine. They say it is Cesar's sister who personally brings these from Italy.
Since it was a Tuesday night, patrons trickled in. Its good for us, I brought the whole Kingsville shebang -my wife, two kids and their yayas. The near empty restaurant made us relax and behave casually as we want to be. The food is not that impressively Italian. I honestly enjoyed other Italian restaurants. But the pizza was served fast and tasted better than my usual Yellow Cab favorite. Out of curiousity I ordered the Ice Tea Ceasari (?) and found it too sweet. I should have ordered the usual coke light instead. But what has drawn me to this place is the nicely designed interior which made the restaurant a very casual venue. My mom will surely like the brick decors on the walls as she has seemed to have invented it. 

Going back to Bellissimo, I didn't care if its interior is not Italian for my taste (yeah i am familiar with the Godfather/Sicilian type interior), I like the simple ambiance. Its too bad Cesar seemed to limit his memorabilia. Maybe he does not want it to take over the Italian theme. For me he should have stuck with the "This is Cesar Montano Restaurant" and not be a "pseudo italian mafia restaurant-with-Cesar Montano-memorabilia". He could have added more interesting items on the walls like his Rizal and Muruami outfits etc. or cover it with dozens of interesting pictures from his illustrious movie career. And surely it would be full of beautiful leading ladies and ex-girlfriends!

I have mixed reactions when I came out of the restaurant. But when the birthday girl told me that she enjoyed the evening with me and the kids, dining at Cesar's restaurant is like a night in Italy.



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