Friday, January 04, 2008

There is life after Law Practice: David E. Kelley

There is always an unexplainable joy whenever I am able to catch my favorite legal drama series, "The Practice". No matter how crappy the episodes were delivered by RPN 9, I look forward to  watch  with my wife who also enjoyed it. We also enjoyed another legal TV drama " Ally Mcbeal" despite its cheesy and sexy version of the legal profession. Both shows are not my source of relaxation but also a brief departure from a stressful day at the office or in court. Watching these shows never fails to inspire me -supplying me with morale boosting mojo to endure the sometimes frustrating legal profession.

After several episodes, I discovered that two soaps have something in common -writer and producer David E. Kelley. I read this guy's mini-biography and it somehow got my interest:

"David Kelley might be described as living the American Dream, 1990s' style: write a screenplay, move to Hollywood, make millions and marry a movie star. A former Boston lawyer, in the last decade, he switched careers to become a successful television producer whose shows are recognized for their quality as well as receiving top ratings. David Kelley was born in 1956 and is originally from Maine. He attended Princeton University and Boston University Law School. He married actress Michelle Pfeiffer in November 1993. They have two children: Claudia Rose Kelley, born in March 1993, who was adopted by Ms. Pfeiffer eight months before their marriage, and John Henry, born in August 1994. Claudia Rose Kelley was christened and given Mr. Kelley's name at the couple's wedding ceremony. Mr. Kelley was an associate at Fine & Ambrogne in 1983 when he wrote a film script based on some of his legal experiences. Through a family friend, he got the script optioned and acquired an agent in 1986."

My goodness, I am amazed! This Kelley guy has everything I always dreamed of - a good law school education, a law career, a gorgeous lady for a wife ( Michelle Pfeiffer!!), beautiful children, and a multi-million dollar showbiz writing career to boot. I figured out that I only thing I don't share with him is a multi million writing career- heck, I even have a pretty and sexy Michelle for a wife!

But what really impressed me about David is his sheer simplicity despite their fame and fortune.  From what I have read, David have maintained a humble family life which should be emulated not only by other Hollywood millionaires but by lawyers like me. Although I agree that David isn't a leading man material - his millions and Hollywood connections can easily enable him to dump Michelle for some younger  Hollywood  bod (Megan Foxx perhaps?). Yet he has been married to Michelle since 1993 and seems to have a strong union. 

Because of my fascination with movies, I always wanted to write a screenplay no matter what hardship or humiliation it takes. This dream is achievable if I start with one sensible script. Anyway, I still have dozens of years to become a famous TV or movie writer. Well as for now, I can always dream and somehow look forward  after a bad day in court, there can be better  life after law practice - the path proven to exist by my idol, Atty. David E. Kelley.



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