Friday, February 22, 2008

A Father's Dream

If only my father Alois can see us now. He will be surely proud of his Calumpang kids. We are nearly fulfilling his grand dream - children of lawyers and doctors. This was his dream and it was the reason why he worked hard and aimed high.

I think any parent will wonder how my parents have managed to tailor made us into become an exclusively lawyer-doctor brood. It is indeed a great feat - sometimes hard to believe. Actually, we just tried to emulate our parents and forefather's examples. Like them we did not let our limitations get in the way.

We are proudly children of Aloysius Pacelli Icamina dela Cruz.....

Alois' lawyers : Atty. Beato Alessandro and Atty. Aloysius II (both members of Ateneo Law Batch 96 and passed the Bar Exams at the same time) and Atty. Buenas Aires (USA Law)

Alois' Doctors: Dr. Makarius Tel Aviv (UST Medicine 2005), Dr. Arik Paolo Isaiah (WSVU Medicine 2006, Board Topnotcher Rank No. 3), and Dr. Alistair Kashmir (UST Medicine 2008 graduating cum laude).



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