Monday, June 09, 2008

Kobe's Boracay Escapade

Fortunately, Kobe and I are beach people.  We love the beach.  Soon Kobe will be a submariner and beach sports champion.  These are the things I missed because of school and my being away from the beach.  I promised Kobe that he will learn every water sports there is.  

Friday, June 06, 2008

Kobe Surfs the Net (and Milo closely watches!)

(Above) I taught Kobetoy to surf the internet and find websites that will tickle his fancy (and that of his brother Milo).
(above) And guess what site he greatly enjoys....Youtube showing the Mr. Bean Dance clip.


Tuesday, June 03, 2008

My old post from Multiply site:

UAAP Dilemna

A few days ago, I found myself in the company of half crazy yuppies rooting their guts out for the UST Growling Tigers. We were watching the deciding Game 3 of the UAAP Men's Basketball Championship in a sports grill at Greenbelt 3.   The Growling Tigers were pitted against the Ateneo Blue Eagles.

As I was merely a guest, I sat quietly in a corner just minding my beer. My hosts who are all from UST - shouted in unison every time a basket is counted their way. Dr. Bam who squeezed me in- made the mistake of introducing me as an Atenean. I looked around and noticed that it was only my brother Macky who was cheering for the Ateneo Blue Eagles. This is actually ironic as he is a true yellow tomasino (if there is such a word) having studied at UST from college until finishing his extended medical studies (well, thats my bro).

Macky may have chosen to go the Ateneo way because we have two other siblings who are true blue Ateneans or maybe to piss off his buddies. The venue was neutral ground but packed with mostly Ateneo and UST crowd which skipped work to watch the game. The Ateneans chanted blue babble cheers while the Tomasinos mustered sporadic cheering counter-attacks. 

As the game progressed, I realized that sitting in enemy territory is not wisest thing to do. I could be easily mauled by these guys if Ateneo trips their team via a controversial game. But what the heck, they bought me beer so I think its just okay to hang out with them. 

Actually, I felt wrongly labelled as an Atenean as I only went to its law school. This does not earn me the "Ar-new" label. I am more of a Iskolar ng Bayan as I endured the UP system in college. Yet, I could not root for the UP Maroons (or Parrots) as I was never enrolled at UP Diliman which the Maroons call home. Even if UP has this "University System" set up, we 'yanos find it hard to relate with the UAAP. What the heck, I cannot even sing  UP kong Mahal theme song in its entirety so as to join the victory chant.   I am really a good for nothing to my alma mater! That should not be the case  if I only enrolled in the Business Administration Accountancy Course being offered at the Diliman campus (a quota course at that!). I chose Visayas instead as it is closer to home. Crazy choice huh...At UPV we have no basketball competition to watch and no basketball heroes to cheer.

So its really hard to watch the UAAP as I really dont feel related to the teams competing for the championship. I cannot help but envy my kid brothers who are either true blood Tomasinos or Ateneans. I dont know in the case of AK though. Well, he is one kid brother who is surely torn between UST and Ateneo. AK studied at the Ateneo Loyola as a full scholar but when he pursued  medicine, he inevitably enrolled at UST Med School.  So just like me, he may have thea same dilemna. Oh well...

Thank God the Growling Tigers won. While the Tomasinos are basking in success, I continued drinking my beer like coffee. I saw them giving high fives to the orphaned DLSU fans who were there maybe just to see their rival Ateneo bleed to death (one Lasallite gamely told the Tomasinos - "pare...buti na lang natalo ang blue eagles!!! year tayo na magkalaban.."). 

So I may be pseudo UP and pseudo Ateneo. I realized that I am no different from those puzzled  kibitzers outside the sports bar wondering why a basketball game can generate a lot of fuzz.